Macrame coasters are versatile and can be used in various ways to enhance your home decor and serve practical purposes.

Practical Uses:

  1. Protect Surfaces: Use macrame coasters to protect your furniture from water rings and heat damage caused by cups, mugs, and glasses.
  2. Table Settings: Incorporate them into your table settings for a touch of handmade charm. They can be used during meals, parties, or gatherings to elevate the dining experience.
  3. Plant Holders: Place small plant pots or succulents on coasters to protect surfaces from dirt and water while adding a boho aesthetic to your indoor garden.
  4. Candle Mats: Use them as mats for candles to protect surfaces from wax drips and heat, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Decorative Uses:

  1. Wall Art: Arrange several macrame coasters in a pattern on your wall as a unique piece of wall art. You can hang them using small hooks or adhesive strips.
  2. Layered Decor: Place them under decorative objects like vases, figurines, or bowls to add texture and interest to your shelves or coffee table.
  3. Gift Tags: Attach a small coaster to gift wrapping as a reusable, decorative gift tag.
  4. Jewelry Display: Use them as a base to display jewelry on your dresser or vanity, adding an artistic touch to your accessories.

Thematic Decor:

  1. Seasonal Decorations: Customize your macrame coasters with seasonal colors and patterns to match holidays and events, such as red and green for Christmas, or pastels for Easter.
  2. Wedding Decor: Incorporate macrame coasters into wedding decor as table settings, favors, or part of the centerpiece arrangements for a bohemian-themed wedding.

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Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 in

Yellow, Tri-Color, Sea Green, Light Grey, Mint Blue, Purple, Orange, Peach, Chocolate, Green, Grey & Peach, Brown & White, Coffee Brown, Baby Pink, Forest Green, Off White


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macrame coasters
Elegant Macrame Coasters – Eco-Friendly Cotton – Set of 2
99.00 INR
  • Yellow
  • Tri-Color
  • Sea Green
  • Light Grey
  • Mint Blue
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Peach
  • Chocolate
  • Green
  • Grey & Peach
  • Brown & White
  • Coffee Brown
  • Baby Pink
  • Forest Green
  • Off White
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